What Makes Grand Steel the Best Steel Service Center

Grand Steel isn’t just a steel company; we’re a full-line steel service center with over 150 years of combined experience. As a second-generation steel service center, we focus on forming lasting relationships with our clientele. We are always looking to improve our products, services, and lead times, with customer service at our core. Whether creating faster turnaround rates for your products, seeking out the newest high-tech equipment, or teaching our team new and innovative techniques – we continue to display an unwavering commitment to consistently quality-made products and services.


We know how important it is to our customers that they receive their products on time. Due to this important factor, we maintain a fleet of delivery trucks that can quickly and reliably deliver the products you need when you need them. Not only do we have a fleet of capable trucks, but we also have on-site processing with an in-house (3rd party) steel testing lab and a 90,000 square foot facility for production and storage. With all these streamlined advantages within our business, we can offer you speedy turnaround times with the products you purchase.


We believe that the best equipment creates the best products. With our top-of-the-line steel slitting equipment, isotope gauge measurement and reporting system, and the most modern industry-leading technology around, we are proud to offer our in-house services to our customers. With our massive facility and highly trained employees, we aim to provide our customers with access to the industry’s best products at the most cost-efficient prices. Some of the markets we serve are agriculture, automotive, construction, general line manufacturing, mining, pipe and tube, prototyping, roll forming, and stamping.


Speed and affordability are meaningless if quality suffers. Grand Steel is proud to have an in-house (3rd party) steel testing lab, in addition to upholding strict inspection standards, we also provide customers with the data and information necessary to meet their specific steel applications. Above all else, we want our customers to be confident in the products that they source from our full-line steel service center.

At Grand Steel, we are constantly looking for ways to better serve our customers. With the industry’s best steel slitting equipment, the most highly trained staff, an in-house (3rd party) steel testing lab, and a fleet of delivery trucks, we are able to deliver better products more consistently and with unparalleled lead times. So if you’ve been searching for a new source for your operation’s flat, hot, or cold-rolled steel, contact us today to discuss how we can help.