Steel Calculators and How to Use Them

Grand Steel offers you convenience and ease when purchasing steel products with the use of our online steel calculators. We know that planning a project comes with a multitude of tasks, and we are here to make things simple for you where we can. If you’re considering placing an order for flat-rolled steel, cold-rolled steel, or any of our other steel products, we encourage you to use this online steel calculator to determine the weight, length, outside diameter, and pounds per inch of your steel order.

Our website provides you with a variety of steel calculators capable of determining coil weight, maximum coil outside diameter, flat sheet weight, coil lineal feet, and coil feet to weight. Our measurements are found using the US Imperial system of inches and pounds.

You will need to know the outside and inside diameters for coil weight, followed by the width to determine its weight. Our maximum coil outside diameter is determined using the inside diameter, width, and weight to determine the outside diameter and PIW or pounds per inch of width. To figure out flat sheet weight, you will use the thickness, width, and length to determine its weight. To calculate the Coil Lineal Feet, it is thickness, width, and weight to determine the length. Our Coil Weight to Weight is found using the thickness, width, and length for the weight calculation.

Typically, to calculate the weight, you would need to determine the volume and then multiply it by its density to get the material per unit volume. To figure out the density of the metal you are purchasing, you would need to score the internet because each type of metal has a unique density, but with our available calculators, it takes that need away by inputting our metal properties right into the equation. After that, you use the volume by density by any conversion factors to determine the weight of your metal. Thankfully, we have our calculators at the tips of your fingertips!

Click here to check out our steel calculators and determine the right steel dimensions you need for your upcoming project! If you are interested in more information about our flat-rolled steel inventory, the types of steel we offer, or our full-service steel center – get in touch with us by using either the product inquiry form or the contact form available on our website.