Open Letter from Grand Steel Products

To all Grand Steel Employees,

Mike and I want to let you know that we are very concerned about the recent and needless “arrest deaths” that are primarily happening within the black community, that have caused social unrest, protests and reform movements of late. Clearly, black lives matter and should not have to be further sacrificed to promote profound change within the law enforcement community. Rather all communities should undergo a self-examination to promote better and closer relationships between law enforcement agencies and the citizens of the communities they serve.

While we support our local law enforcement agencies, we know that barriers exist between the police and citizens brought about by decades of poor police hiring, training and laws biased towards police protection of “bad apples” within their ranks that have allowed barbaric restraint practices to continue. We support communities and police committees be formed for the purpose of examining and solving these issues before we have another loss of life due to excessive force.

We are a proud multi-ethnic company and have a zero-tolerance policy towards ethnic intimidation or discrimination of any kind. We hope that the community, county, and state we are in adopts the same policies with all branches of government, specifically our law enforcement departments.

Jim (CEO) and Mike Barnett (President)