Grand Steel Products: a Quality-Focused Steel Service Center with an On-Site Steel Testing Lab

When it comes to offering the absolute best quality flat, cold, and hot-rolled steel, Grand Steel is the industry’s premier steel service center. Steadfastly committed to offering the best – and only the best – products on the market, we’ve recently opened our own on-site steel testing laboratory. Allowing us to better understand our products and – more importantly – ensure that they meet our exacting standards, our laboratory is able to provide extremely accurate metal testing. Whether we’re testing hardness, composition, or ductility, you can be confident in the quality of the products that you receive from us. In today’s post, we’re going to explore a few of the testing options that we offer.

Metal analysis

If your application requires a deep understanding the of the metal that you’re working with, we can help. Able to provide analysis using the ARL Fisons 3460 AES, we can give you an in-depth look at your materials’ properties. Better yet, we can use the results of the test to recommend more ideal – and more cost-effective – materials.


When you need to know the hardness and resilience of the metals that you’re using, Grand Steel offers hardness testing using the Brinell Sun-Tec Hardness Test Method. Guaranteed to be accurate, this test provides you with peace of mind.


For ductility and deep drawing properties, Grand Steel’s laboratory uses an Olsen machine. With the ability to identify qualities that can’t be detected with the naked eye, this machine ensures that your materials are up to – and exceed – the standards that you’ve set.

At Grand Steel, we pride ourselves on being the industry’s go-to steel service center. With an experienced staff, top-of-the-line equipment, and superior customer service, we’ve earned a reputation for our thoughtful, detail-oriented, and quality-focused approach. If you’ve been searching for a new provider of high-quality flat-rolled steel products, contact us today!