Annual Motor City Slitters Outing – July 12, 2021

Grand Steel is proud to be hosting this year’s Motor City Slitters golf outing. Held on Monday, July 12th, 2021 at the Detroit Golf Club, the outing is an annual affair that brings together the industry’s most prominent steel distributors, processors, and suppliers. Aiming to create a fun, engaging way for businesses in the industry to network and learn about industry developments, the event is an amazing way to get to know your fellow metal distributors.

At Grand Steel Products, we strive to offer the industry’s best cold, hot, and flat rolled steel products. We know how important it is to network and make connections in this industry. Because of this, we’re committed to hosting Motor City Slitters every year. This event helps all members of our industry come together, share their knowledge, and discuss the challenges and solutions they’ve encountered over the previous year.


July 12th, 2021


Detroit Golf Club
17911 Hamilton Rd, Detroit, MI 48203

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