A Full Line Steel Service Center Committed to Innovation and Improvement

As a full line steel service center, Grand Steel is always looking new, innovative ways to improve our processes. Whether we’re expanding our facilities, searching out new methods, growing our fleet of trucks, or upgrading our top-of-the-line equipment, we’re never satisfied to be “average.” With over 150 years of combined experience in steel slitting, steel supply, and steel services, it’s easy to be tempted to stick to “tradition.” But, we are continually looking forward, toward the future, for better – and more effective – ways to serve our customers. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few of the ways that we encourage – and maintain – our commitment to innovation.

Dedicated to quality

Innovation is nothing if its price is quality. At Grand Steel, we uphold strict quality control standards and thoroughly inspect every product that enters – and leaves – our facility. We understand that there is no room for low-quality products in our customers’ manufacturing processes.

Top-of-the-line equipment

Superior equipment produces superior products. Our 50,000 square foot facility is outfitted with the industry’s leading equipment, including an isotope gauge measurement and reporting system. Ensuring that our customers receive only the best products from our full line steel service center, our team is committed to exceeding expectations.

Short lead times

With a fleet of trucks capable of delivering our products swiftly, our ability to address our customers’ needs in a timely manner is unparalleled. No matter what you need, from hot rolled steel to electrogalvanized steel, we’re confident that we can deliver.

At Grand Steel, we strive to live up to our customers’ expectations. Constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to improve our offerings, we regularly upgrade our equipment, educate our team, and investigate ways to deliver our products faster. If you’ve been searching for a full line steel service center that will focus – absolutely – on meeting the needs of your production line, contact us today to discuss how we can help.